Violent Video Games and Their Effect on Teenagers

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Violent Video Games and their Relationship to Violent Acts

It seems that in every facet of the media today, when it comes to teenagers and acts of extreme violence, people are quick to point the finger at violent video games. Several school shootings in the past were definitely used to target these types of games as the cause to violent youth. This response is usually not related to facts, but rather to emotions. People that blame violent video games for teenagers and their corrupted behaviors just want a simple answer to a complicated issue. Unfortunately, there is not just one cause that leads teenagers to commit violent acts.
Research is the key to finding the proper information in explaining why some teenagers turn to violence to deal with their problems. Hundreds of studies have been done on violent video games and their effects of teenagers playing them. The results are very conflicting. The majority of the research that has been done on this subject is on single player games and takes place in a controlled environment. The environment that teenagers live in today is far from controlled. And over half of the video games played today are played by two or more players in a social forum. The largest link to violent video game players that has been found to date is increased aggression. And increased aggression is not violence. The definition of aggression in many of these studies is also vague. But whatever the definition is, it is not a definition of violent acts. To show that a person will punish someone more heavily after playing a violent video game does not prove a violent act will come from this person. To show that a violent video game will cause an increase in heart rate and decrease in empathy is als...

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We know that violent video games alone do not cause violent acts in teenagers. Therefore, we must become aware of the role they play for people at risk of violent behavior. So until it becomes clear how much these violent games contribute to certain risk factors of violent behavior, it is very important that parents realize what type of child they have and if these games might have a certain effect on their child. Maybe if your child is the emotionally immature type and spending way too much time involved in violent video games and less time communicating with their parents, then you should consider putting some restrictions on their game playing. Furthermore, every parent should become educated on the latest studies involving violent video games and know the truth about the issue. Violent video games do not cause teenagers to commit violent acts.
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