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The Criminal Code defines violent crimes as “offences against a person… that are violent in nature and cause harm to the human body.” In specific, the case below deals with murder. In order to further clarify the charges against Mr.Milard, it is essential to understand the two different elements of homicide and murder. Firstly, homicide is classified as the deliberate or accidental killing of an individual by another individual. Seeing as, the primary intentions of Mr.Milard were to inflict harm upon Mr.Bosma, this was a deliberate act; otherwise classified as a culpable homicide. Secondly, murder is considered as intentional homicide; meaning the act was intentional. Murder is further divided into two categories, which are first-degree and second-degree murder. This case is an incident of first-degree murder because the Mr. Millard’s actions were planned, intentional, and deliberate. On the other hand, second-degree murder would be murders without premeditation or deliberate actions. The chart below summarizes the various categories of violent crimes related with this case.

Mr.Millard, a young playboy millionaire, is currently facing charges for murder, robbery, and forcible confinement. The story of how these charges came about begins on May 6, as Mr.Bosma contacted Mr.Millard regarding an online advertisement for the sale of a Dodge Ram 3500. Eventually, Mr.Millard and an accomplice would pick up Mr.Bosma from his Ancaster home; on the same day of their initial contact. Eventually, the police describe Mr.Milard and his accomplice would later kill Mr.Bosma over unknown reasons and burn his body on Millard’s newly purchased farm property near Ayr. A month after the mysterious disappearance of Mr.Bosma, police would find the re...

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...liminate the witnesses, he would be charged under culpable homicide, seeing as he had the intent to kill. On the other hand, if death of an individual was an complete accident, it would be classified as a non-culpable homicide. The last key word is first-degree murder, which refers to the planned or deliberate killing of another person; the most serious form of homicide. For instance, if Johnston deliberately plans to kill a rival gang member and commits the act, he is guilty of first-degree murders; seeing as his actions were deliberate and planned. Another example of a case involving first-degree murder charges was the case against OJ Simpson, in which he was charged with first-degree murder regarding the death of his wife. It was believed that OJ Simpson killed his wife after a heated dispute, but a lack of sufficient evidence (gloves) resulted in his acquittal.

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