Violent Crime

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Violent crime has been an ongoing problem for our society for as long as I can remember. The damages associated with violent crime included; physical, psychological and emotional damages as well as property and monetary damages. Lawmakers, researchers and policy makers have been studying what they believe to be the main cause of violent behavior in human in order to have a better understanding of this particular type of behavior. There are two widely known ideas about the cause of violent behavior; biological and social. The supporters of the biological ideas argue that violent behavior is caused by the DNA and genetically differences in human. The supporters of the social ideas on the other hand, argue that violent behavior is caused by the social or the environmental factors. In my opinion, both sides seem to have valid points to support their ideas however; I believe that the main cause of violent behavior is due to social factors rather than biological factors. In this paper, I will be discussing about what I believe to be the main cause of violent behavior using my idea along with the researches from credible sources to support my idea. First, I believe that violent behavior is learned (social) and not innate (biological). According to (Arjun, 2014)., “Recent research conducted by Stanford University biologists Robert M. Sapolsky and Lisa J found that even wild baboons, which are among the most aggressive animals on the planet are not genetically mandated to be violent. The study provides the very first field evidence that primates can go the peaceful route, and if aggressive behavior in baboons is a result of cultural traits rather than a biological factor, it could provide some insight into the same phenomenon with human b... ... middle of paper ... ...In my opinion, biological factor is what we inherited inside us and it varies in everyone. Some may be prone to violent behavior more than the other and that is why people react differently in different situation. Social on the other hand, is what triggers the biological factor of a person and that is why I believe social is the main cause of violent behavior. Works Cited Arjun, W. (2014, January). Science Suggests That Humans Are Not Innately Violent And Vicious | Collective-Evolution. Retrieved May 16, 2014, from Patrick, F. F. (1995, March). The Real Root Causes of Violent Crime: The Breakdown of Marriage, Family, and Community. Retrieved May 16, 2014, from

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