Violence in Video Games Does Not Create Violence

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Violence and Video Games Despite media accusations, video games do not spark violence in Americans. Media organizations and other people, like Jack Thompson, are quick to blame video games as the cause of any shooting. This ignorance and false-blame only detract from finding the real cause of school shootings. GAMING COMMUNITY Recently, a gamer committed suicide after posting in a gaming forum that he was going to end his life. The media and Jack Thompson said the people in the forums did not care about this other person, and neglected trying to save him. However, this is not the case. The Forum administrators spent many hours tracking down where this persKid playing gameson lived, and spent many hours on the phone with him trying to convince him to keep his life. Sadly, he killed himself after they got off the phone. The gamers on the forum were deeply saddened by this event, and posted a memorial page (Kincaid). Gamers are a close-knit community, and develop bonds with fellow gamers. However, Jack Thompson disagrees that video games have any positive purpose. Jack Thompson, a Florida Attorney, is one of the leading advocates against video games. However, his beliefs and measures of getting his point across are so radical that The National Institute on Media and the Family has distanced itself away from Thompson (Wikipedia). MULTIPLE PURPOSES OF GAMES Video games also have educational purposes. Games such as Math Blaster or Reading Blaster are a fun way for children to improve their math or reading skills. Some teachers are also beginning to use games to help their children learn. While there are mixed opinions about introducing video games into the classroom, there are positive results (Krotoski). Gam... ... middle of paper ... ... Huizinga, Johan. “excerpt from Homo Ludens.” UTDallas – Monica Evans. 28 January 2006. Kincaid, Ryan. “Michell Lee Stuekerjuergen, Remembered.” 5 Jan 2006. Metal Gear Solid – The Unofficial Site. 28 January 2006. Krotoski, Aleks. “Game for Learning.” 7 Apr 2005. Technology Review. 28 January 2006. The Entertainment Software Association. “2005 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry.” 2005. The ESA. 28 January 2006. Wikipedia. “Jack Thompson.” No Date. Wikipedia. 28 January 2006.
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