Violence in Video Games

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Violence in Video Games

What if you could escape into another world where none of the problems in your life mattered. A world where for moment in time you could live a life of adventure and action? That’s the incentive people have to play videogames. In 1961 a MIT student Steve Russell created Spacewar, the first interactive computer game (Kent, 15). The first big console video game to be invented was Pong in 1972 (infostory). Videogames have advanced greatly since the 42 years of its creation, and so have many growing controversies. Its no surprise that videogames have become more and more violent with age and growing technology, but the growing concern is whether it’s making players more violent. Many parents believe that these “violent” games are desensitizing kids and making them more prone to aggressive acts and violent thoughts, but aren’t these kids simply playing a game? The argument that video games result in children becoming more violent has been disproved in studies, ignores the positive affects of videogames, and is managed by the Entertainment Rating Software Board (ESRB) rating system. Videogames do not make players more violent or aggressive in behavior or attitude.

“Psychological study’s purporting to show a connection between exposure to violent video games and harmful effects on children do not prove that such

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exposure causes minors to act aggressively” (Scalia). This is an official statement made by a Supreme Court justice, reporting on the finding of United States government. While some continue to link violence with video games the issue is solely based upon their opinion, and the government has done extensive tests to come to their standing on the issue. This quote from Scalia highli...

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