Violence in Mass Media

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Mass media is one of the integral parts of human social life. It is rotation of large number of the information, which is not often beneficial. It is hard to image for people that have all amenities to live one day without mass media. However not only adults are consumers of all TV programs, movies, news and other products that media industry are propose for adults. Violent in mass media has bad impact on teenager’s behaviour, and problem is that media is widespread. In addition, content of mass media products are contain from many violent scenes and acts. In this paper the problem of violence in mass media and its impact on children’s behaviour will be investigated in more detail, and possible solutions will be discussed.

Violence in mass media takes public attention every time when new types of entertainment appear. It affects to children’s psychology which is not formed yet. Additionally in mass media, in any type of it, there is a presence of racism, drugs, sex and issues that stimulates the degradation of ethics. Violence in TV screen, video game, song, movie and others turns to violent behaviour in real life. There are many theories of how and when impact of mass media violence is seen and occur.

The problem of violence in mass media took place from the early past. This problem appears mainly together with TV, later with developing of cinema industry and the Internet this problem became wider. Main problem is that children watch TV a lot, and they watch almost all types of programs and films. For instance, when average American child graduate high school, he will have seen about 13.000 violent deaths (Cross and Gerber 2000). As a consequence, this affect on children’s psychology and some of them become more aggressive an...

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...mann 2004).

Previously theoretical explanation of violence in media was described. However, violence in mass media does not equally influent on viewer. Research had proved that many constitute elements effect on perception of violence. Content and realistic of violent scene, own experience of child is also one of the factors. In addition, personal feature of character is a component of perception, if child predisposed to aggress violent scene will initiate aggressive behaviour. Scene which are less attractive has little affect on children. To affect to children’s mind scene of violence had be above a minimum level of attraction. Consequently, more attractive scenes has more influence to children’s behaviour that less attractive and realistic episodes.

Impact of mass media on teenager’s aggression is one of the main problems in social behaviour and behaviour.
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