Violence in Entertainment Is Not Parallel to Juvenile Crime

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American society has long since associated violent crimes committed by young people such as school shootings to violence in entertainment, such as video games and movies. Many news stations today that cover such stories link violent video games as the first motive why the young criminals did what they did—and an astounding number of Americans believe it: about 55% of American adults believe this. Contrariwise, irrefutable evidence linking violent crimes to violence in entertainment is nonexistent; actually, analyses say that while the amount of violent video games and movies has risen, violent crime in youth has decreased. Along that, all ‘evidence’ backing the link to juvenile crime and video game sales are all circumstantial. Violent media does not correspond to violence in American youth; parental blocks are present in today’s electronics and statistics say that the relationship of video game sales and juvenile crime is absent; juveniles are not the problem: the media itself is the problem.
Following the Supreme Court’s decision whether or not to pass a Californian law that will...