Violence in Entertainment

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Violence in Entertainment Violence has played an important part in entertainment, even in

ancient times, like Rome and Egypt. In those countries, mock killings

were some sort of entertainment. Even in our time, media violence is

ever increasing. Research has shown that media violence did not only

increase in violence, but in graphic, sexual and sadistic ways. There

have been many concerns that as violent shows and movies go global,

people spend more time watching than doing other activities (Media

Violence). Whether people think that media violence affects young

people in a bad way or not, many experts do. According to Professor

Rowell Huesmann of the University of Michigan: "that exposure to media

violence causes children to behave more aggressively and affects them

as adults years later." (M L Enders)There are generally three types of

media violence: television, movies and, video games, and I believe

that these three types of media are responsible for the violence

influence on children and teenagers to a certain extend.

Violent programs on television lead to aggressive behavior in children

and teenagers who watch those programs (Murray, J.P. & Lonnborg, B).

When children watch a lot of television violence, they tend to become

more aggressive. Sometimes, watching a single violent program can

increase aggressiveness. Children who view violent TV shows that are

very realistic are more likely to imitate what they see, if they watch

it many times. Children with emotional, behavioral, learning problems

can be more easily influenced by television violence (Murray, J.P. &

Lonnborg, B). The impact of television violence will eventually show

in a person's behavior, and young people can even be affected when

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