Violence in A Tale of Two Societies by Charles Dickens

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Violence throughout our time has been evident ever since the beginning of our human species. From verbal to physical, one will not go through his/her lifetime without understanding the violent nature of other people. Richard Wilkinson brought up a point that “More unequal societies tend to be more violent” (Wilkinson 2). Wilkinson shows that there is a prominent correlation between income and homicide. Lower incomes shows higher rates of homicide. In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens shows how violence can flourish due to the inequality seen in the lower classes. Dickens uses violence to portray that a society filled with inequalities can lead to violence.
Throughout the novel, much, if not all of the violence, is motivated by the poverty stricken people. During this time period in France much of the population was part of the 3rd estate. The people in the 3rd estate had to make of what they had and savored any precious opportunity. When the wine cask broke out in Saint Antoine “It had stained many hands” (Dickens 27), the hands represented all the poverty stricken people. The...
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