Violence and Three Theories

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There are three major theories to violence and how that occurs within our world. First, biological theory studies the body and what factors go into creating violence within a person. Theories believe that someone who has more muscle and less fat, would be more likely than the versa. The manner in which someone holds themselves may also contribute to this theory. If you look at someone in the wrong way, you may provoke that person to become violent towards you unknowingly. The second theory is social. A social theory looks at how individuals engage with other people within their culture and/or society. The foundation within their family can contribute to the level of violence within that person. Social theory of violence also looks at how societies view violence and the level of acceptance. Social violence occurs within one class is against another class, rich versus poor. Certain types of sports create social violence, hockey and football come to mind. Political violence, crimes against people, suicide, these are all examples of social violence. The other theory that is discusse...
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