Violence and Gender: Why Women Are Safer Seen and Not Heard

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America has had its fair share of oppressive culture towards minorities, but has attempted to overcome them. The civil war, civil rights movement, and most recently the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act are all testaments to our society striving to be more equal. However, there is still a group who has been oppressed, exploited, and violently abused since the beginning of time and are still not as equal in 2013 to their male counterparts: women. In regards to women we see a sort of cultural oppression that is not perpetrated (with such acceptance and institutionalism) in any other identifying trait such as skin color, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. It seems while telling a black man to sit in the back of the bus, or refusing federal rights to a gay couple, and even instilling racial quotas for immigration are all illegal, backwards, and immoral. But paying a woman less then her male counterpart for the same work is okay. To thrust on stereotypes of a homemaker and wife on a woman and call her a lesbian, bitch when she would rather be a CEO is a special kind of hypocrisy. There must be a reason why for over decades multiple groups of second-class citizens have received equal treatment but it is so common and accepted to still keep women at bay. While they have made amazing strides in the past decades, they are far from equal in today’s society and still have a ways to go. The gender equality of women to men is seen as a direct threat to the heteropatriarchy and patriarchic hegemony of society and thus women are subjugated to certain ideologies and backlashes to hinder their progress. The domination of women, rape as a tool of domination, and the societal hegemony of gender inequality are three main factors to why women, eve...

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...ople do not wish to see change, they don’t want to rock the boat, or they have an irrational fear/poor understanding of what feminism really is! At the root of all equality issue is one notion, that of humanity. Women are human beings, Black people are human beings, Arabs are human beings, and every single person on this planet is a human being and is born no less free than any other human being. We reinforce this idea in our laws, our constitutions, and our school lessons, but it seems that when a group finally becomes noncompliant in their oppression, and wishes to claim this freedom they were born with, that is when problems arise. Society will always try and resist change because change is the destruction of the current society and replacing it with a new one. But change is a law of nature, those who are best adapted survive and those who resist change die off.
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