Violence In The Media

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554 words

Violence would be something that may be the most challenging when it comes to mental health. It can cause a long-term effect on certain victims. When violent crimes are committed some might say these are thought out crimes. Doing further examinations on the people who have the illness so they are prohibited from buying firearms making it more of a difficult process. A lot of crimes can be described as the combination of both mental health factors and their behavior. Some may say that violence, and having a mental illness is their own separate issues.

Once something tragic happens such as a mass shooting and the media has been involved which then leads to a lot of falsely assumptions. So many Americans who obtain their view through the world from the media it’s very hard to not stigmatize from mental ill people. If someone does commit a violent crime they should be treated no differently by thinking they have an illness because of the crime. With news and entertainment media should both share the blame in perpetuation these stereotypes which may not always be true. Considering a person with a mental illness being judge will most likely prevent them from getting the help they need. There is this image of people with mental …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that violence can be the most challenging when it comes to mental health, as it can cause a long-term effect on certain victims.
  • Opines that people with mental illness should not be stigmatized by the media for committing a violent crime.
  • Explains that crime takes a disproportionate amount of news space, and there is bias toward reporting crimes by people with mental illness.
  • Explains that the article talks about misconceptions on mental illnesses and violence when something tragic happens.
  • Opines that these misconceptions distract us from facing the ugly reality -- that mental health in america is in dismal shape.
  • Argues that the federal government should push that states submit an instant background check every individual who is trying to buy firearms.

With so many inaccurate an unfair public perceptions to individuals with a mental illness may be responsible for the violent crimes being committed in neighborhoods and all around the world. When a violent crime has been committed the media will always link it to a person being mentally ill. Which can be damaging to the people who really suffer from a mental illness. They may be to embarrass to seek medical care, causing a fear of them being judged. Others may not really care on the person’s wellbeing and think that all people who commit violent crimes should be considered with having some type of mental illness

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