Violence In Harry Potter Movies

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Harry Potter movies equally excites the viewers with a collection of props, artifacts and costumes that suite the film’s plot. Hogwarts required students to wear uniform to distinguish between the four different houses. The uniform included a grey knitted V-neck jumper with two strips around the neck and waist, a plain white shirt, and black robe. The girls were required to wear gymslip with the pleated skirt and boy were required to wear grey trouser, which appeared that they are from a boarding school. Students are required to wear a white cloak with silver fastening during winter. In the Harry Potter movies, none of the character wore any scandal costumes which might not fit in the film category. In Harry Potter, we have numerous examples…show more content…
Unattractive or violent can be taken as offensive with respect to the films category for children and teenagers. Opponents may say with such an excessive movie budget, the directors could release a far much better movie that could include an older generation. Even though the film is not entirely shocking, it is more of a young generation…show more content…
Children might get inspired and want to get magical powers that which is not possible in real life. Many parents argue that Harry Potter movies is amazing but are scary and violent for children. The character Voldemort and magical creatures might scare children and teenagers. As shown in the movies, Harry Potter cheats on a test. This might influence children that cheating is good. But as a parent, no one would like their children cheating. Parents should teach their children about right and wrong. Parents should check rating and read parental guide before watching movies with children. According to John Miesburg, a parent argued that in the Harry Potter movie, Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which promotes the evil witchcraft to their children (Banning Harry Potter). Parents should teach their children about what’s good and bad. Other objections may arise from critical analysts who might view the continuous change of directors as a sort of unstable approach to a film so admired by many. Harry Potter film series has had at least four directors in its production, making it difficult to judge which particular input best served the objective of the

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