Violence Against Women In Afghanistan Analysis

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and properties is an endemic in the country. The binaries of gender ascriptions and entrenched gender roles are played out everywhere in the country. That is, women are the weaker and submissive gender and if they are abused, then there is no need to create a fuss over it. The aforesaid observation is exemplified by Kai Eide who is the UN’s Special Representative in Afghanistan. She states ‘that violence against women in Afghanistan was not being faced up to within the community and said this was holding Afghanistan back. “The problem isn’t that violence against women is being condoned. It’s not,” … “The problem is that violence against women is not being challenged or condemned. And that has implications both for countless individual victims and for the country’s future development.” ’
The most recent decision of U.S. President Barak Obama to end all operations within Afghanistan by 2014 has met with mixed reactions within the international community. Though most of the analysts feel that this decision of the international community to pull out of Afghanistan is not a well thought of plan. The developed nations seem to be in a rush to withdraw from the mess that the ‘war on terror’ has created, and these seems to put the rights and agenda of Afghan women on the back seat. It seems that advancement of women's rights and their emancipation is a chapter in the Afghan Nation Building process that the international community is willing to ignore and hence they are reluctant to question those in power regarding the rights of women for fear of upsetting Afghanistan's fragile coalition government and delaying stability within the nation. Though it is yet to be seen as to how a nation stays stable when quite a bit of its population are ...

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...r suggestions have been recommended to the Afghan Government by several agencies and scholars, and this conclusion is re-emphasizing these suggestions.
The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan:
• Should aim at raising awareness within the society, amongst officials and common people alike, about women’s rights, discrimination against women and the criminal nature of sexual violence against women.
• Ensure that all levels and departments within the government, especially the law enforcement agencies are professionally trained to handle cases of sexual violence. And that rape, attempted rape, sexual harassment, molestation etc. are all classified and recorded. There should be mechanisms in place to protect victims from further victimisation and persecution.
(The above are just a few of the many suggestions that could have been made to the Government.)
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