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Some people say that violence on TV produces violence in real life, while others disagree. This is a question of social science that has been studied for a long time and quite extensively, eventhough the research was not satisfying. Nevertheless if you have or don't have an opinion of your own, read on so you might change it or not, but it will definetely give you some idea what to say next time the question comes up.
To start with the fact that there are many different types of media all around us, everywhere and every moment of the day, I wouldn't say that violence on TV has the only influence on the real life. So why wouldn't it affect real life, why wouldn't it cause violence both at home and abroad. There are many increasing reports of violence around the world.
Media violence is often listed as a top reason Unfortunately, they have little knowledge of the consequences of their actions.

Some people claim that the impact of media violence turns adolestens into criminals, or victims. In addion, they say that our society already has so much violence that it's no wonder large amount of people like to watch violent movies or games. Now why is that? There is a psyhological theory that argues that people can learn new information and behaviors by watching other people, and that is known as observational learning, in other words modeling, which leads us to a simple note that teenagers act out what they see or hear, moreover what the media shows. However this is a direct occusation of the media, or TV, but what they have to say? Of course they would take the other view and have arguments of their own. They say their works reflect the world in which we live and that we shouldn't point the finger at them. Movie directors said that...

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...'ve seen things like that, but I also went through it myself, but the actual point is that some researchers argue that video games like first-person shooters such as Call of Duty indeed influence violent behavior, increaseing aggressive thoughts and anger. But they said it does not cause it directly, just more likely to occur. Other disagree, simply claiming that it doens't affect in any way.
To sum it up, media violence can make some people more aggressive in some and situations for some period of time, but it all depends how much distiction you make between real life and games or shows. It depends how much awareness we have about this problem. I will not deny the fact that TV violence has influence on us, but not on all of us. That's the point of everything, nothing will ever be 100%, nor we will ever be able to conclude something this big and say this is it.
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