Fourth Amendment: Safeguard or Violation?

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Today, many Americans feel that the Fourth Amendment has been violated by the government, law enforcement officers, and many others with authority. The Fourth Amendment states that no American citizen will be subject to unjust searches and seizures. Which means that they are secure in their house, persons, paper, and effects. Many people believe the main reason the Revolutionary War was fought because of the fourth Amendment. John Adams said it was the catalyst that started the war. Before our Independence from England, the British officers had the writs of Assistance, which allowed them to search anyone’s property and belongings. This amendment restricts anyone in America to do the same thing as the British officers. The Fourth Amendment is …show more content…

The US military has used drones in the war against terrorist for years now and the use of drones for domestic use has become a popular dispute. A lot of Americans consider flying drones over private property violates the fourth Amendment and the only time a drone should be used is if the drone operator has a warrant and probable cause. It is considered trespassing by some if a warrant is not obtained. In 2013, 43 states debated 96 different drone regulating bills but only 8 of them passed. Along with legislatures, the FAA has also had trouble regulating drone flight. The government has manipulated the rules of privacy for years. In two separate but similar court cases, the police department used aerial surveillance to get Intel on marijuana farms. The owners of the farms declared that the method was unconstitutional and took it to court. The courts ruled in favor of the government, in saying that the helicopters were above a certain height of 1000 feet and it was not invading their …show more content…

The border patrol agent’s job is to monitor the US border and detain anyone who is trying to enter illegally. The border patrol can operate 100 miles within any border of the United States, which is two thirds of the American populations. There have been many case where border patrol agents go beyond their rights. Though it is legal for them to stop and ask the driver and/or the occupants of the car what country there are citizen of, many stops lead to illegal searches without probable cause. One American citizens has accused the border patrol of illegally confiscating his computer and mobile device and conducting searching on the devices. Not only are they going beyond the rights of the fourth amendment, numerous people believe they are going way beyond the border into American land to perform their duties. To make clear though, it is within their rights to ask any driver their citizenship status, but it’s not legal for them to search the vehicle and

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the fourth amendment is the source of laws concerning stop and frisk, search warrants, and many other types of surveillance.
  • Explains that americans believe that the fourth amendment is violated because of the nsa's countless searches, including call history, and real-time call and traffic data.
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