Villain In Hamlet

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There Is A Villain In Every Story
(A comparison between evil characters in the plays Othello, Midsummer, and Hamlet)
As the great William Shakespeare once said, “I like not fair terms and a villain's mind.” When William Shakespeare sat down to right this remarkable plays no one knows exactly what he was thinking. All that we have left of the thought process of William Shakespeare is his plays that still live on today. . As Charles McGarth expands on the subject, “ If we actually discovered something new about Shakespeare, it might put an end to an entire publishing industry. That we know so little for certain about him -- not even his birthday -- is what has enabled and inspired so many writers to rake over the same meager pile of evidence: legal documents mostly, including church records, property deeds and the famous will with its puzzling bequest of the second-best bed.” As the New York Times writer explains, that all that we know about Shakespeare is that he wrote plays, and that he died. The characters within these plays are what make the most out of it. It seems that every play has similar character structure. For example, within each play there are lovers and there is a villain. Villains and lovers are the things that people always look for, and they root for the lovers to win and the villains to loose. Each of the plays that William Shakespeare has written has a villain, three of these villains include, Claudius (Hamlet), Iago (Othello), Puck (Midsummer).
To begin, in the play Hamlet, Claudius is the biggest villain that is presented. Claudius is considered the villain of this play, because you learn early on that he is the man that killed Hamlets dad, the original king. He killed him in his garden, by pouring poison i...

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... villain that is presented. Moving forward, in the play Othello, the main villain in the drama is Iago. Lastly, in the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Puck is a fairy, but also the main villain. These three villains have all done something evil, two of them were murders and the other just made really bad decisions. No one wants to be treated the way that the people these villains have treated them. Katherine Blakely explains the immensity of a Shakespeare villain, “There is no doubt a fascinating character and an entertaining villain. It is Shakespeare’s command of the English language, and his keen sense of drama and psychological depth, that make his plays so affecting and deeply memorable. Shakespeare was a brilliant playwright, but nevertheless, he was not a historian.” All in all, the three villains, Claudius, Iago, and Puck all were great, but they were evil.
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