Vilent vide games affect on Teens

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how violent video games affect teenagers has always been a contetious topic for parents and adults. many believe violent video games are good for you though studies prove they are wrong. Violent video games negatively affect a teen’s brain devolopment, personalities trait, and is also a bad role model for teens. violent video games like the new GTA 5 has cursing, guns, grand theft auto, and nudity which can impinge a teen’s decisions on right and wrong. this will lead into a teen having bad behavior.
Violent video games are never good for teens. these videos games can include crimes ranging from murder to raping.

Letting older children play these video games only corrupts their brains and make them dysfunctional. There was a study from Wang and his colleagues at the Radiocal Society of North America that proved how video games permanently altered young adult’s brains. wang did this study by recruiting 22 young, healthy, males aged 18 to 29. The 22 males had played low to no video games before the testing. the males were placed into 2 groups. one was a control group while the other played video games constantly all day. This went on for 2 weeks and then took a FMRI. The men who played violent video games showed less activation in the left inferior frontal lobe of the brain and also in the anterior cingulated cortex during the the test. this area of the brain is for vidal parts that controls your emotions and agressive behavior. If the affect of these violent video games can change young adult’s minds, then they can definatley alter the brains of teens. After the second week, when there no video game play, the changes in the brain activation were low. this could mean that the changes in the brain can become permanent if there is ...

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... protagonist character? prevailent video games such as GTA 5 and Call of Duty games have people going around shooting. they kill many people thoguh parents think it is okay for teens to play.

Over all, these violent murdeous games should not be “okay” for teens to play. Like now, some games are limited to someone having to be 18 to buy. Even though this it is regualted to that, all it takes is for a older sibling whose 18 to have the gamin lying around. something should be done about that. Vdeo games have a badimpact on teens minds. Their brins are bing effected by the games and affects the frontal section of the brain by Slowing that part down and causing teens to not control emotions efficiently as well as causing them to have more aggressive behavior. In conclusion, video games have no positive way of helping teens so there is no point in having them.

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