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In this paper I will quote my friend’s views about the articles, Partanen’s study, which the babies in the wombs can hear the sounds around them and Stanford psychologists’ research, which signifies the socio-economic status of parents for the child’s language development. Zeynep and Mehmet are my workmates and they are both lawyers. At the same time Zeynep is a mother who has a 6 months old baby. Mehmet is also a father who has two grown up children. Firstly, I want to talk about Zeynep’s views on articles. She was very surprised when I mentioned her that during the last three- month of pregnancy, babies’ sound-processing parts of their brain become active. It sounds very interesting to her due to having a 6 months old baby. This information was quite plausible for her. She shared with me one of her story, which supports the article. The doctor advised her listening to classical music during pregnancy and keeping away from the stressful environments as far as possible for the baby’s physical and emotional development. After giving birth, she continues listening to classical music with her baby and she realizes that when the baby hears the music, which is the same one, the baby calms down and becomes more peaceful and happy. She told me that Alya (baby’s name) recognizes the music with trying to produce musical sounds and body gestures. Another point is the vowels that a baby can perceive. She found it interesting and told me that she had never heard that before. I told her the experiment, which was conducted with American and Swedish newborns. She concluded that if that kind of thing is possible then a baby starts learning and distinguishing sounds in the mother’s womb and language learning starts in the womb. I approved her in... ... middle of paper ... ... language with their children. Yet, he defends that the higher-income will provide advantages for families such as the quality of education, which their children get, the social environment that they live in and contact at a certain level. To sum up, I shared the articles with two different people who have particular backgrounds and opinions accordingly. Although their ideas conflict in some points of Fernald’s research, they converge on the result of the research. Based on the articles, it can be said that we begin to learn language in our mother’s womb and in the learning process we need parents who speaks in an engaging and supportive way. Reference Plant perception (paranormal). (2014, March 3). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 18:18, March 10, 2014, from
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