Viewing Chamberlain as a Peacemaker

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Viewing Chamberlain as a Peacemaker After the First World War had ended in 1918, most of Europe was struggling to survive. The Treaty of Versailles was created because of the war, as countries such as France and Italy wanted to get revenge on Germany for the war, but it's harsh terms caused Germany to become vengeful. Neville Chamberlain became the prime minister in 1917, and he felt that the Treaty's terms were much too harsh. He decided that the best option was to follow appeasement to best comply with Germany. The majority of Europe (especially France and Britain) and America were angry towards Germany for the war, and therefore created the Treaty of Versailles. The main points of the treaty blamed Germany for the war (article 231), made Germany harshly cut down their military forces, forced Germany give much of their land to different countries and finally Germany had to pay £6,600 million in reparations. Woodrow Wilson created the fourteen points to stop himself and America from getting into war again. The fourteenth point was to create a League of Nations to stop future wars. Any aggressive countries would be sanctioned by all the League's members and would be attacked as a last resort. As America didn't join the league, it failed pretty quickly, as it had no real structure or power. One of the policies the British followed was appeasement. The aim of appeasement was to avoid war with powers such as Japan, Italy and Germany by giving in to some of their reasonable demands. The policy was based on the League of Nations dealing with any countries, which were too powerful, but as the League of Nations failed, so did the ... ... middle of paper ... ...horrors. The British people also did not want war, and so were pressurising Chamberlain to avoid it. And at this time, Britain was unable to afford to rearm due to economic pressure. But the majority of these reasons are hardly to do with Chamberlain personally, as they had been forced upon him. In 1939 Chamberlain had given the Sudetenland to Hitler, this gave Hitler more confidence to attack more countries and to spread out further. When Hitler took Czechoslovakia, Chamberlain used the excuse that he didn't know the Czechs well enough, to need to do anything. This was cowardliness at work. Chamberlain even went to the extreme of declaring war on Germany, a true peacemaker would not have done, or even considered, this. Overall, Chamberlain was just being a coward, and does not deserve to be remembered as a peacemaker.
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