Video Games and Violence

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Throughout the past fifteen years, video game popularity has sky rocketed. Millions of teenagers across the globe play video games every single day. Although, there has been a major conspiracy that has developed that these violent video games cause teenagers to commit violent acts. Even though this thought it completely evident, there has been little to no link in video games and violence. Studies have proven that the only people unconstructively affected by violent video games are those who have a physiological disorder. Violent video games have not been proven to contribute to violent behavior in teens due to scientific research stating no link, mass shootings that have been stemmed from different disorders rather than video games, and research showing video game usage has increased in teens as the violence rate has decreased.
The link between video games, violence, and teens has been a topic researched profoundly throughout the precedent years, although there has been proven to be no link. People of all ages play video games every single day and it has become a huge part of our ...
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