Video Games and Violence

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Gun violence in the past years throughout the United States had been increased rapid. Examples of this are Virginia Tech incident, the shooting of congresswomen from Arizona Gabby Gifford, The Sandy Hook Shooting, etc. Most of these violence incidents had one thing in common and that is each of the suspect had psychological issues there were facing and they didn’t have support the system most of us have. Another fact is that most of the suspects were nonsocial individual who spend of their time in their room. With nobody arrived for the suspect confide to most they tend to find something that they can express to in most of these cases they are entertainment media like video games. Now I know there are some who would disagree that video games have nothing to with this about this topic. However as this paper goes deeper in this issue we can finally find out whether video games had influence regardless how powerful it is on gun violence.
Throughout this paper we research what type of behavioral and psychological effect video games especially those very heavy gun violence in them, and what we as a nation can do to prevent terrible incidents that were stated earlier from ever happening. Understand just how video games can influence or affect us especially the violent one could help us because not only can we figure how dangerous violent video games could be if the wrong person become too consume with them but impact does playing violent video games had in our everyday life.
The numbers of violence’s that involving juveniles in the United States is very troubling. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over three fourths of homicides involving 10-to 24-year olds involved a firearm in 2001() . Research reveals that a...

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