Video Games and Their Role in Violence and Bullying

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In today’s society so many children are becoming bullies and showing aggressive behavior, in which no one knows why. Parents and adults alike both say that the reason their youth and children are showing these attitudes is the violent, mature video games that the children play on their media device. However, many people say that there are other reasons that children show aggressive behavior and why they become bullies to other children. I believe that there are other reasons than video games that cause a child to become disobedient and unruly. There are many studies that show that video games are not the reason behind the youth’s behavior but other factors in their lives. Although the studies show that it is not video games to blame, most people still want to blame them. There are so many reporting’s of bullying and abuse in schools today that everybody wants an explanation of why that is so. On top of bullying there have been more school shootings recently than ever before. One explanation of why is so is all the violent and mature rated games today that youth can buy for their entertainment consoles. For example, the game series Grand Theft Auto, lets users control a regular person but lets them steal vehicles, fight and beat up random strangers, and even shoot and kill innocent bystanders. The children who play in this fantasy world fell like they can do these same actions in the real world and without the consequences. Although, these types of games could lead to these types of behaviors it is not the reason why the youth act this way. However, there is no link between violent behaviors in youth that was linked to playing mature video games. There are other reasons that the youth show these emotions of anger and hostility. ... ... middle of paper ... ...hostile video games and stay away from online games, they would not bully the people whose lives they makes terrible on a regular basis. All together I do not believe that video games cause any type of criminal behavior in youth or children. There might be studies that show that some violent behavior in youth can be caused by playing violent video games and watch violent television. In addition to those studies, there have been studies that have shown that it is not video games to blame but other factors in a person’s life that should be to blame. The shooters in any of the mass shootings that’s has happened has either been psychopaths or mentally depressed. We as a society should not blame the easiest thing like video games when something happens that is very climatic but really think about what is the root of the problem when something goes terrible in the world.