Video Games and Their Effects

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Introduction When you hear the words “video games” automatically you think of every negative aspect that there is in the games. Although this is very true, there are also educational things in some games. Studies have shown that video games can benefit and harm some people in a variety of different ways. So the question is, what is the actual effect that video games have on our brain? Positive Effects Believe it or not, there are a lot of positive aspects in a video game. Acording to the “ DANA Foundation” educational games help children count, add or subtract, learn their colors, shapes and much more. Leapfrog Leapsters have a lot of educational value in them. The games that are made for it are to help young children learn all the basics before starting school. You have games such as Professor Layton where they have you solve different math problems and puzzles before you can solve the mystery( The Truth about Video Games, 2012.) Another example is spongebob, the spongebob game helps you count money, teaches children to type, which is a very important skill to have when entering high school. In every video game there are steps you have to follow in order to be successful in that particular game, so that involves following instructions which is a major aspect children need to understand. Many video games involve memory in order to advance to a higher level. Memorizing is a good characteristic to have when it comes to school for taking tests or having to do a speech, whatever it may be memorizing is important! Education is not the only positive aspect, there also is fitness. The wii is a great gaming device to help you stay healthy and in shape. You have games like Just Dance, a fu... ... middle of paper ... ...e choice of a more aggressive game will have a more negative impact on us then if we were to choose an educational game that will have a more positive affect. If video games are a necessity to your family be smart when choosing them! Go with the games that will impact your children in positive ways and teach them things that will be beneficial for them in the future. References Gentile, Douglas. Ph.D. “Video Games Affect the Brain-for Better and Worse.” The DANA Foundation. July 23, 2009. “Raise Smart Kid.” (n.d.). Raise Smart Kid. Retrieved March 5, 2014, from “The Truth About Video Games and the Brain: What Research Tells Us.” (n.d.).The Truth About Video Games and the Brain. Retrieved March 6, 2014, from
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