Video Games: Violence & Gender Disparity

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More so than ever before the actions of young adult males displaying heinous acts of violence against their fellow man. The cause of their outbreaks often being unknown, forcing their to be speculation and all the frequently the speculation attributes videogames into the cause of their actions. Claiming that today’s entertainment, specifically the videogame industry is too graphically violent. No longer the extent simply being blood but it has escalated to murder, personal hand to hand combat and decapitation. Knowing this it is easy to understand as to why the media and parents are concerned over the impact which video games will have onto their children, its led many to believe that video games expose something psychological within the gamer. Yet thinking carefully about the situation there are basic flaws within this way of thinking, like the individuals who have dedicated their lives to videogames and are outstanding individuals or the millions of gamers who have not had an outburst, it would have to mean that extreme violence and videogames having a relation goes unwarranted. Why would it be considered that games only affect people violently? Going further if there is actually no difference between the mental abilities of male and female, why are only male gamers being brought into the spotlight? What warrants the media to claim that only male gamers “act out” from playing games? Research done regarding the psychological impact of videogames has discovered multiple examples of psychological impacts from video games. Yet the most non-concrete possibility is high levels of violence. It was discovered that many players will create personal relationships with NPC’s (non-player characters) within the game. Players easily intera... ... middle of paper ... ...t is known to gamers that their are many girls who enjoy violent games and can be just as aggressive and even in some cases more aggressive than male gamers. In the end it comes down to the a simple case not only based on basic and rash assumptions but on sexist ideals which have been placed within the general basis of our social standards.In an attempt to understand why violent behaviour is understood to be considered only male, it is discovered that because of what a man is percieved to be they are confined to the social restrictions made from stereotypes and thus placing a blame on videogames do to the “masculine” tone videogames harbor with them. With the progression of the modern age maybe it will be seen more that not only do games harbor no real cause for extreme violent actions but that girls are capable of having the same reactions as guys are within games.

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