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Nowadays, technology gradually improve; humans make friends with video games when they were young.Video games are invented which is suitable for society’s development. Video games are inexpensive pastime which is easy to play. Moreover, videos games are really interesting with catchy images, vivid sounds, and attractive characters which get the youth and children’ attention. Video games are created for main purposes which are entertain and reduce stress in daily life. A lot of people show a question, which is” How do the video games affect humans life?’’. In fact, the video games bring benefits to people which are, release strain, practice mindset, and expand the relationships. On the contrary, when the youth and children spend a lot of their time playing video games and can’t escape and control themselves, it leads to video game addiction. Video game addiction is similarly compared to drug addiction because it has negative affection on health, behavior, study. Firstly, video game addiction causes negative affection on the youth and children’ health which is a big concern in the present society. They have problems with their vision when they focus on watching a screen so many hours. According to “Computer Vision Symptoms” article, an author shows computer vision syndrome which affects humans health by the negative way. When people work too hard, they are exhausted and tired. In the same way, when they spend a lot of their time playing the video games, it causes eyestrain,double vision, and blurry vision because they have to regulate constantly to catch up with details in the games and focus on the screen too long. Moreover, video games addiction also causes dry eyes which show a lack of moisture in the eyes. Blinking is body... ... middle of paper ... ...gests.” This study shows that the video games addictions lead to lassitude which reduces receptive ability lessons. Then it also the main reason which causes bad scores. Indeed, when the youth and children addict the video games, they don’t really catch up with lesson because they always think about their video games. Thus, the negative affection from video game addiction is important for the youth and children’study in society now. In short, the video games addiction which has negative affection on health, behavior, study, causes vision problems, obesity, insomnia and eating disorder for the youth and children. In addition, the youth and children also are the affect on behavior negatively such as depression, aggression, and curiosity. Additionally, the video games addiction is the reason which causes bad scores, the distraction, wrong orientation in the study.

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