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Sports Video Games and Their Impact on Athletic Performance Sports video games, video games that replicate a real life sport, have been around ever since the first video game console was released . Magnovox Odyssey, one of the first video game consoles, consisted of a table tennis game. Atari’s Pong, another sports video game, one of the very first video games was also a replica of table tennis (Suellentrop 7). As the video games have become more realistic and more popular amongst sports fans, they have created a vast impact on the video gaming industry. FIFA, a soccer video game by EA sports, captured 10% of the 351 million video game playing soccer fans around the world (Consalvo vii). Today, sports are a popular hobby for many people, but…show more content…
One of the biggest downfalls of video games is the distraction they create. Video games can distract players from actually playing the sport they play. John Hart, an advisor for the Texas Rangers, warns of this, sharing that athletes should not play video games before games, but instead be watching film and mentally preparing for the game, activities video games cannot replace (Brescia 25). Video games can distract athletes from not only pregame preparations, but from sleep, which is a vital part of an athletes health and performance capabilities. Playing video games late into the night can be very harmful to an athlete’s health. Video games, no matter what the game, can often raise the blood pressure and pulse of the player, causing the body to take a longer time to fall asleep and cuts the most restorative parts of sleep short. Without vital restorative sleep, a persons ability to focus and memory declines, along with the ability to learn and the person becomes more irritable (Dunckley 10). Video games can harm how much energy and focus a player has in a game and the impact is mostly negative. Video games have also been reported as causing injuries to players. Long video gaming sessions can often leave a player sitting in the same position for long periods of time, causing strain on joints and bones. Joel Zumaya, a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, was…show more content…
Video games can give players experience and knowledge, but they can also, at the same time, drain energy from a player by taking away vital sleep the night before a game . Video games can be a great source of basic athletic skills, improving hand eye coordination and visual search skills. Young athletes, who have been playing and practicing with sports video games have a greater understanding than older sports stars did when they first began playing a sport, but video games cannot create an athlete. Video games help athletes become better at their sport, but the video games cannot help a person become an athlete. "A better analogy for virtual training [sports video games] could be weight lifting: It’s an activity that won’t turn you into a professional athlete, but if you are one, it will make you better at your sport" (Suellentrop 20). Sports video games impact sports performance positively, but a balance must be found between video games and real life practicing, as video games can cause harm just as much as improvement for and athletes sports performance

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