Video Games Are Not Responsible For People 's Violent Actions

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Media is everywhere. We each have TV’s, listen to music, play video games, go to movie theaters, watch the news and they all expose a violent act somehow. It could simply be an opinion if media causes violence but it also depends on how something is perceived and who is perceiving it. In an article titled “The Government Should Strictly Regulate Television Violence” Rockefeller promises to “make more tools for families so that they have more control over what is allowed to be seen on television and give them more options” (Rockefeller). How our technology is so advanced today and continues to advance everyday, there are multiple ways parents can control what goes on in their children’s lives. In an article titled “Video Games Are Not Responsible for People’s Violent Actions” Ferguson says “humans were not programmed to be computers, just because someone picks up a gun and ends another human’s life does not mean we were programmed by a video game but because they decided to make that decision on their own” (Ferguson). Media violence is controversial, and it isn’t easy to lay a finger on but the problem is televised violence and violent video games leading young ones to aggressive behavior and to develop aggressive ways. Mostly, TV shows are reality shows now. Everything on TV is another scene or picture we store in our brains just to be cautious so if it could ever happen to us or we were put in that situation, we would know how to act or not to act. Clearly, the exposures of what we see on TV are not all good, they are unhealthy to younger people mentally and physically. This could affect people mentally because when we see fights, murders, or arguments that turn the wrong way this could easily give a child a hard time to sleep a... ... middle of paper ... are educational and fun for the children, there should be some sort of balance for children regulated by their parents. Television and video games aren’t the only things that are made to be negative by society, a lot of other things are too but this is a great start. Televised violence can be controlled to a certain extent at all times, there is a right and wrong to it. Video games affecting people’s actions does not mean that they’re constantly bad actions, they can be just entertainment. However, monitoring these games could have an affect on people and in the ways they act. With facts on each side of this topic, nothing can be forced and it is all in the parent’s hands on which route they decide to take and what is being taught. Parents should get more informed on the video games before making any purchases and regulate the amount of TV being watched at home.
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