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Video Games and Violence Throughout the century, video games have got a lot of attention from people of all ages and cultures. A study done by (Baran in 2012), shows that video gamer age range from the age of eight to forties. As video games started to progress more so did its fan base, products, as well as genre. Companies such as Capcom, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and much more have paved the way to how video games are today. I remember my first Gameboy, you had to put two double A batteries to play it. The game was not in color and the graphics weren’t that good, but back in my day it was the most realistic thing ever. Now we have PS vita, 3ds, ps4, and Xbox 360 that have games that look like the real deal and uses adapter or rechargeable batteries. As we all know technology will always progress and advance forward, as that happen so will video games. Technologies such as ps3, xbox360, and the wiiU became more sophisticated than its predecessors and made video games more realistic. The advancement of gaming technology has made video gaming a multi-billion dollar industry. I know as a true gamer that the first thing you look for in a game is first its graphics- how real it looks, then its rating a poor rating equals a poor game and vice versa. But there have been negative attacks on videos games, especially “M for mature” video games for its content. Some people believe that video games promote violence in people who play the game. Since the creation of violent video games or “mature” games, there have been constant arguments to if these games having anything to do with violence in the player. Although, not all video games are graphic and violent in nature, some video games may promote skills such as motor coordination, learning,... ... middle of paper ... ...d for how long. At the end of the year, the results came back that majority of the students love playing violent video games. The study also showed that students who exposed to games that are more violent are most likely to get into fights more than a child playing a non-violent game There have been constant debates on video games and violence. Some would say that violent video games increase the players’ aggression (psychologists and parents). Others would say that there is no actual evidence that video games would affect a person judgment and increase their aggression (mostly gamers). A typical gamer with long exposures to video gaming may hinder their developmental functions towards society, especially if the gamer is a kid. Overall, a person cannot assume that violent video games are the cause of violent behaviors. Violent video games alone will not cause crimes.

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