Video Games And The Video Game

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Of the 318.9 million people in the United States of America, 155 million of those people play video games(That is 48 percent!). 42% of Americans play video games regularly(3 hours or more.) Ever since I could remember, I had a controller in my hand. I can remember the day that my dad put a controller in my hand and I was hooked. I can remember that I started out on the Playstation 1. I played games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Gran Turismo, Monsters Inc, Need for Speed, Tomb Raider, Crash Team Racing, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, PaRappa the Rapper, and a whole lot of puzzle games. Soon after that I got a Playstation 2. Which I played everyday after I would complete my homework. The previous listed games, got sequels which appeared on the PS2(Playstation 2), Plus many more. At that point I knew that I wanted to grow up and have a career related to video-games. My father would always discourage me that video-games would destroy my mind, and my body would rot. I would rebut his premise that there are a numerous amount of scientific studies that actually help your mind and improve your motor skills. Still playing videos-games, I transitioned into high school. My interest in cars, how they work and how to fix the problems also increased. By now technology has highly advanced and now the Playstation 3 was released, I already had that game console too. I received it as a gifted to me the week it came out. I always find it interesting that I got the 707th Playstation 3 made. While in high school I had to opportunity to attend a technical school while also attending high school. The school was called Berks Career and Technology Center. I got accepted and joined the Automotive Technology program. I started in 9th grade, it was a 3 y... ... middle of paper ... ...imb every year. Sitting right along the road as the nimble cars came by at a breakneck speed, I realized that I wanted to be in the driver’s seat of one of those cars. After these thoughts my plans, after I have saved up enough money, or not even need to save up, are to build a racecar. I want to build something close to my heart. Growing up I always adored BMW’s. I always thought they were sleek, quick, and eye pleasing. Driving a BMW up a curving, sloped road does have its disadvantages. The rear wheel drive car wouldn’t be able to keep the grip, like an all wheel drive car or a front wheel drive car. Using the same car I would be able to race it in drag races also, it would be an identical set-up for the quarter mile run. Driving was in my blood. The moment I sat in the driver’s seat, started the car, and placed my hands on the steering wheel, I felt right at home.

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