Video Games And The Video Game

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What is a video game? The correct definition of video games is a game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or other display screen. However, if you ask someone what is a video game they will be most likely (Neg)to tell you that is that thing that kids play, another common answer will be that is that big wasting of time that most of guy’s do. This might be true specially if we consider that the video game instructive as become the major source of entertainment even more that the movies, in fact the video game industry make as twice as much as the movie industry. On average 65% of all people in America play videos games. Video games are being use everywhere from cellphones to a multi millions dollars’ simulators that the big organizations in America us such as NASA, Air Force…. etc. video games are here to stay. But are is there is such a thing as video game addiction? Although gaming addiction is not yet officially recognized as a diagnosable disorder by the American Medical Association, there is increasing evidence that people of all ages, especially teens and pre-teens, are facing very real, sometimes severe consequences associated with compulsive use of video and computer games. Video game addiction is not limited to pre-teen and teenagers in fact the average age of a person who is addicted to video game is 31 according by a study made by Entertainment Software Association. The following are some of the effects that people who are addicted have to deal it. The effect of video game addiction on the family. The family of those who are addicted to gaming are the one who suffer the most with that person addiction. Called them their wife, their parents, there ... ... middle of paper ... ... His parents are now suing the Chinese distributors of the game for $12,500. How about if we stay away from dead people for now and look at this case of the Smartphone-addicted Chinese kid who cuts off own finger with kitchen knife to stop his addiction. The people on the cases that were previously mentioned were obviously not good they some kind of mental problems. But gaming was a trigger to their crazy actions. In conclusion the addition those who are addicted to video games are hurting their family members, sometimes on deadly ways, but this not limited to theirs family members, society and they brain are also being hurt because of their addiction to video games. Video game addition should be treated like any other addiction. with professional help those who are addicted to video games might scape that endless cycle of addiction that they go through.

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