Video Games And The Video Game

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If video games did not exist what would society blame for peoples violent outbursts, or acts of aggression? The truth is video games have been around since 1958. In the 58 years after its creation, the video game continues to maintain its bearing even when its continually bombarded with false accusations of being the reason people in the gaming community act out with violence and aggression. True, there are those select few individuals that did something so shortsighted that they ended up on the news. That is still not enough to reason to solely blame video games. Many people believe that the game PONG, created by Nolan Bushwell in was the first video game ever made. That, which is sad to say, is wrong. The first computer game was created by a man named Willy Higginbotham, in 1958 (Lecky-Thompson 2). In 1961, Steve Russell made a game by the name of Spacewar. Each game was given to the buyer for free with purchase of his $120,000 machine. The people of that generation certainly could not afford something that expensive, inevitably leading to Steves fall( Lecky-Thompson 3). 1971 was the year the very first home video game was made. It was affordable and had 12 games on it, and its creator was a man named Ralph Baer. Finally in 1974 PONG was created by Atari (Lecky-Thompson 4). Vass 2 Have you ever heard of cultural lag? Essentially it means that society is hesitant to embrace new things like technology, trends, things of that nature. For example, before video games, people blamed rock music for violence amongst the people of society (Bezio 1). Before that, people blamed television for violence. We as people are horrible at coming up with answers when a problem we can not comprehend immediately emerges. This is why we have cul... ... middle of paper ... ...two step brothers fired at vehicles, killing one and wounding another. They did so because Vass 4 they saw it when they were playing GTA 3 (Poteko 2). These are just a few of the instances in which people used acts of violence and aggression because of video games. One day, hopefully soon, people are going to wake up and realize how immature and simpleminded they were. Video games are not the cause violence when it comes to gamers. There have been countless studies on the effects of violent games and the people who play them, all of which have come up with little to no supporting evidence. No matter where you turn there will be violence, we as a maturing society need to see that, and stop pointing fingers just so we have something to blame. The gaming community is vast and strong, everyone who plays loves to do so and they would not do anything to jeopardize that.

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