Video Games Affecting Youth

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The violence that children execute in today’s modern time could have a new factor that parents could not even imagine. Many children today spend most of their time playing video games and this could reflect a negative role in a child’s bad behaviors. Nearly all children, especially in the United States, have or have had a video game console or some type of electronic device that contain video games. Video games in general are not to be blamed but a certain category that majority of the gamers play is called violent video games. Adolescents and children are revealed to violent games could have a bad influence which should be controlled in today’s society. Video games are violent and they affect young teens because they are exposed to explicit material.
Modern violent video games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 contains a lot of destruction, the use of military weapons and even blood and gore scenes. The video game is violent because it actually gives the real life feeling of doing illegal actions such as random killing. It can even promote bad actions through repetitive exposure to the weapons used in the game. When an enemy is killed a large amount of blood and body damage is visible.
The material in the games can also affect the child’s behavior. “When controlling for gender and previous aggression, playing violent videogames was significantly associated with aggressive behavior” (Boyce 3). Usually kids become easily angry in the duration of playing a video game from tension. Stress builds up when the gamer cannot achieve or pass a level and sometimes anger is used as a way to represent how they feel about their situation. Sometimes children gamers’ become physical and throw objects such as the controller or even the ...

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