Video Game Violence: A Detriment to Our Youth?

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Video games have changed a lot since the introduction of Pong in 1972. Violent scenarios have become a mainstay in the new era of massively popular video games. Just take a look at the $800 million Grand Theft Auto 5 earned in just 24 hours of its release in 2013 (TIME). Video games have become a mainstay in the American household with nearly 52% of households claiming that they own at least one console from the current generation in 2012 (Juba). With the magnitude of popularity that violent video games are facing these days, it is no wonder that they have come under great scrutiny by many social scientists and parents alike. The question that many studies are facing is whether or not video games have an adverse effect on the youth of our nation. This is because no research has been conducted that shows a correlation between a child acting out real world violence due to a violent video game.
Studies of the negative effects of video games on our youth are not the only studies that have been analyzed in the course of putting this research together. Research on the positive ways in which violent video games can be used in the development of the youth of the nation has also been analyzed in the process of putting the research shown in this paper together as well. The studies that have been analyzed during the duration of putting together the research contained in the following paper varies from Dr. Cheryl Olson and Lawrence Kutner's book Grand Theft Childhood to some of the cases in which violent video games have been looked at as the motive of violent crimes in recent years. One of these cases of violent video games being looked at as the motive of an extremely violent event in recent years is the Sandy Hook shooting. This event to...

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