Video Game Violence

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Video Game Violence

Video game violence has been a long going controversy. Video games have not been around all that long, “first introduced in the 1970s” (Cesarone, Feb. ‘95), and started out as being centered towards the Children. Well anybody that has grown up with games are now older and more mature and demand more from their gaming experience, and so the creation of new types and styles of games have evolved to suit them. I have grown up with games, and am at the age where ‘kids games’ just don’t do it for me anymore. The games that I thought were enjoyable when I was a kid are now very boring. I need a more complex game with many variables to consider, and I am mature enough to handle violence, and what is more complex than a war game? This is where the controversy comes into play. The games that are now being made for the older generation (those that are 17 and older) are also being played by the younger generation (those younger than 17), which is not the intention of the industry. These games tend to be more violent and mature, since they are intended for a more mature audience that can handle the violence without taking it seriously. While entertaining to the older generation, people see them as desensitizing the younger generation, and actually harming them emotionally, and so wish to get rid of them completely.

Violent video games should not be gotten rid of, and I will tell you why. First I will give you the reasons why video games should not be violent, and controversial. Then the safety issues that are in place to protect the kids from getting, and playing these games. And finally why they should not be gotten rid of, followed by a concluding paragraph.

Violent video games can lead t...

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...ds that actually do play these games go out and do what they did in a game. Not many. I know I haven’t done anything in real life that I have done in a game, or seen in a movie. Most are intelligent enough to know what is on the screen is not real, and if they can’t make that realization, they shouldn’t be able to play them. They shouldn’t play them anyways since they are marketed for older folks. If these games are abolished, I know of plenty of adults that would be very bored, and even out of work, since more than half of their consumers are no longer satisfied.

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