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On the night of the November 14 2002, the video game world would change forever. This single night would lead a new generation of video game players into a world walked rarely in the past. Concept of online gaming through video game consoles has been used for several years but never adapted into the everyday minds of the general audience. The select gamers who took a chance on the wild card game console by Microsoft, called The Xbox, would begin shaping the future of the video game industry for years to come. That night Microsoft launched Xbox Live. In his historical review of the launch of the Xbox Live services for Polygon, Russ Pitts explained that Bill Gates, then CEO of Microsoft, loved the concept of an internet-connected game console. He completely understood what taking a box online would mean for gamers and for the future of Microsoft. In 2002 taking a chance on online gaming was a huge risk for Microsoft but would pay off huge, not only for the company but for the video game industry. Early Online Gaming through Consoles Since 1982, online gaming has been a part of home consoles. Beginning with the launch of CVC GameLine on the Atari 2600 online gaming would always be part of the gaming community but until 2002 it would not be able to connect to the main stream audience. The first console with online services to come closest to reaching the main stream audience was the Sega Dreamcast. The Dreamcast, still looked fondly upon by gamers, connected to a dial-up internet service operated by Sega with all game servers being connected directly into SegaNet’s network. Before the launch of Xbox Live in 2002, the majority of console, gamers played either alone in their homes or in multiplayer matches against friends or family ... ... middle of paper ... ...e supply needs of the community will see their doors slowly close over time. Digital Content is Here Now not in the Future When you review the industry numbers for 2014, it is impossible for local independent video game retailers to think that digital game sales is a fad that will go away after a few years. The video game industry has finally taken the turn that the music industry started when Apple launched the iTunes store, and the retail movie industry felt when Netflix and Amazon started their streaming services. This Independent Video game retailers have to review options for them to reach into the digital marketplace like GameStop is currently researching. GameStops model doesn 't work yet, but if video game retailers do not follow similar business model reviews as GameStop has put into place, they will quickly find themselves closing their doors permanently.

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