Video Game Addiction

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Over the past few decades of their existence, video games have been a major form of entertainment. As time goes by video games improve in graphics, sound, and storyline. It’s only natural that people would become more and more immersed in them. However, there are people who become far too immersed in them. They begin to lose touch with their true lives; instead they essentially give all attention to the virtual world. They become addicted, playing for far longer than the norm, suffering from real-world symptoms, even going so far as to neglect their children, unfortunately sometimes leading to the child’s death. Surprisingly enough, Video Game Addiction is not classified as a mental disorder even though there are several clinics available for treating it. Video Game Addiction should be listed as a disorder, as it is clearly a very real addiction.

Defining addiction is difficult. Webster’s Dictionary describes an addict as “A person with a habit so strong that he cannot easily give it up” (Webster’s 5). Is this an accurate definition? If that is true, is a person who bites their nails an addict? A much more detailed definition of an addict states:

An addicted person has a heightened need or severe craving for whatever his or her particular addiction. When denied access to it, the addict will suffer from withdrawal. He or she may feel actual physical pain, discomfort, or an uncontrollable feeling of anxiety. Addicts show a willingness to give up other things in order to indulge in their addiction--sometimes to the point of self-destruction. They may lose family, friends, or even their jobs during their quest to satisfy their addiction. (Rebman 1-2)

Video Game Addiction is a fairly new addiction, considering that the video ...

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