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Video 1: Doing the Right Thing The thing that grabbed my attention the most was when one of the men said, “Truth has to be knowable for there to be ethics.” I’ve had so many conversations where truth was flexible. We are being taught to be tolerant of everyone’s beliefs to a point where if you claim what you believe to be truth then you’re offending someone and offending someone is wrong and you should apologize. Some truths are universally acknowledged. We can’t just change fundamental truths just to make everyone happy. I also liked when another man said ethics was taught as just following your integrity or conscious…but what happens when you have a “poorly formed conscious” or just a bad person in general. Murdering people who upset me might be ethically sound in my own mind, but that doesn’t make murdering people ethically okay. Video 2: What is the Christian Worldview? I think everyone asks themselves these questions at one point in their life. It’s human nature to question life and where we came from and where we’re going. It’s why people began exploring the oceans to find new lands and gaze up at the stars each night. We desire to know what the meaning of life is. When we gaze down from the stars, though, we see how horrible the world can be and suddenly we start to question what’s wrong with the world and how to fix it. We can’t fix the world, though, only God can do that. The Christian Worldview is realizing that God created the universe and knowing that He will reconcile creation and bring us back to Himself. Video 3: How do you know that Christianity is the one true worldview I really enjoyed this video because this is something I have wondered often and never found an answer that really stuck with me. Most people... ... middle of paper ... ...view so important and what can you do to “tune-up” your personal Biblical Worldview if yours has become diluted? A Biblical Worldview is important because how we interpret the world is important. Our basis for right and wrong is linked directly to our worldview. If we don’t have a Biblical Worldview, then what we think is right and wrong is no longer based on what the Bible says, but on what we interpret is right and wrong, and as fallen, sinful creatures we won’t always make good choices when it comes to deciding what is right and wrong. Ways to “tune-up” your personal Biblical worldview are: reading the Bible everyday and actually reading it and trying to understand it, pray more, and to judge everything according to what the Bible says. Everything you see or do, compare it to what the Bible says and see if they match up or if it goes against what the Bible says.

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