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Critics of violent video game argue that violent video games train teenager to become killer like Michael Carneal, a 14 year old boy, who have never fire a shot in his life. But he has fired 4 head shots out of 8 when he went on a killing spree in his school. Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, U.S. Army, (Retired) using his expert’s opinions from when he was in the army and conclude that he have never met an untrained person who can shot a gun with that accuracy in his life. He also said that violent video has taught Michael his shooting skills. The one thing that he has never mentioned once in article is the reasons why Michael decided to kill. It is truly sadly to see a young person such as Michael went on a killing spree. However, it is even sadder to see people would ignore his stories behind those actions. It is the truth that video games teaches people some skills that most does not have a chance to learn in real life like how to use a gun. However, Michael surely is not the only person who learns such skills, how can many other teenagers like Michael who have learned the same thing from video game but does not went on a killing spree. There must be reasons behind that trigger such tragedy to happen and surely it is not video game alone is responsible. Opponents of violent video games claim that violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto Childhood (2008) encourage players to commits crimes in order to be rewarded would also encourage players to commits crimes in real life. That is entirely not true based on the statistic data that Henry Jenkins, PhD, Provost's Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at University of Southern California obtain from the federal crimes statistic. The data suggest that juve... ... middle of paper ... ..., does that mean books is now the cause ASPD? Violent video game does not train teenagers into killers or does it encourage them commit crimes or does it turn them into antisocial. There are lots of research have been done to prove that violent video game is harmful to people but most result are just small claims with little or so scientific to back it up. People are too quickly to make judgments thing that they do not understand or even have a slightest ideas. Like the in case of Aaron Alexis, he was suffering from hallucinations when he went on the shooting spree. However, before all that was discovered, a write from Telegraph had accused violent video games are the cause for his rampant. People should stop blaming video games and look at the truth behinds the people action for truth like in Aaron’s case. Everyone deserves to know the truth of what really happen.
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