Victory Over the Limits

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“Victory Over the Limits”

There is no doubt that DH Lawrence’s limits of expression are far different than many successful writers before him. These limits were not etched in stone, but writers knew that there were certain boundaries that should not be crossed. Lawrence chooses a number of ways to push these boundaries, and is extremely successful in doing so. His dedication to use the strongest possible language and expressions to describe sexual encounters forced his novel to come under wraps. Each of the main characters contributes to the challenge Lawrence gives to the limits of expression. Their actions as well as their language confirms the challenge Lawrence makes towards these limits. Lady Chatterley’s Lover is in itself a statement to the literary world, that the limits of expression need to be challenged, and will be.
Lady Constance Chatterley is one of the main characters of the novel and a very controversial figure. She is a perfect example of how the questions of social class are raised. Her existence on the country estate limits her connections with the outside world, causing strong conflict within her. The fact that her husband is paralyzed and impotent begins to wear on her, and her attitude takes a dramatic turn. Her character is a challenge to the limits of expression because of her sexual desires. Although her first affair with Michaelis did not satisfy her needs, it showed her readiness to rebel against the norm. Her second affair is the one that raises the eyebrows of anyone who reads the novel. Mellors was a man of less stature than Connie, which was another example of her rebellious nature. It also developed into much more than a harmless rendezvous. The explicit description of their sexual encounters was enough to stir up controversy. “Oh, don’t tease him”, said Connie, crawling on her knees on the bed towards him… her hanging swinging breasts touched the tip of the stirring, erect phallus, and caught the drop of moisture. She held the man fast. Lie down he said. Lie down! Let me come”(LCL 226-227). That excerpt is enough to prove that DH Lawrence was ready for controversy. The fact that he places a woman in this situation shows that any one of the characters is capable of anything.
Mellors is the character that takes all the limits of expression to the most extreme level. His relationship with Connie takes over the plot of the novel, bringing this gamekeeper to the forefront.
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