Victorian Era Fashion Essay

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The information covered in this essay will be about the Victorian era fashion, how and who started or made this style of costume. Different types of clothes were used by women and men at that time for different events and activities. This essay will also explain how people during that Era used their clothes and what the layers of women’s dresses were called, the materials used to make the dresses at that time and, also, during mourning what types of dresses and clothing they had to use. Queen Victoria ruled England between 1830 to the end of the 20th century, this time is known as the Victorian Era. She was the first English monarch to see that her reign was given to another person while she was still living. There were vast improvements in England during the 19th century while she had ruled England; there had been developments in nearly every aspect of the country from medical, scientific and technological knowledge, rapid changes in population growth and location. The families in the nineteenth century were large and patriarchal; hard work is one of the things that they encouraged other than respectability, social difference and religious conformity. The Victorian era saw the birth and spread of the political movements in England including the socialism, liberalism and organised feminism in the country. There had also been a huge progress in scientific thought that led to different and significant changes in medical developments throughout the 19th century. This is also the time where the Victorian Era fashion was introduced. It was introduced by the Queen herself, the style of the Victorian era dresses that were used for women at that time were mostly in the style of mourning as it was said that ever since her husband died, she... ... middle of paper ... ...t is said that they would always brought those two things with them everywhere they went. There were also some special dresses for specific occasions such as mourning where people during this era would have to use all black, as they believed wearing black for mourning could prevent the mourners being haunted from the ghost of the deceased. The conclusion of this essay on Victorian era clothing was that it was first styled by Queen Victoria, and then was influenced by the Garibaldi family in the 1863 where the look of the outfit was modified into much more comfortable ones where shirts had been introduced that was accompanied by Basque that will give a jacket effect to the dresses. Women of this era should wear the appropriate dresses for some specific occasions. The layers of the dresses used was the same but the difference was just how the outside dress was styled.
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