Victor Frankl's Search for Meaning

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The eight elements that brought meaning to Victor Frankl’s life was his intense inner life, camaraderie, his manuscript, spiritual well-being, his attitude, humanity, faith, comforting or soothing images of the past, and fate. Intense inner life: I believe that Frankl was constantly in the mindset of the doctor he was. He was continually thinking of ways to keep his mind busy. Helping others, thinking of ways to ration his bread, obtaining medicine for the typhus patients, inspiring others, or hiding comrades Frankl kept his mind busy. Although at times he struggled he found his meaning in life and his inner life kept him motivated to go on. To keep his mind busy he was constantly thinking like a psychologist and analyzing others. Camaraderie: There were many prisoners that came and went from the concentrations camps. Many friends died and gave up. Although Frankl did not have one specific comrade consistently throughout the novel he was surrounded by men who were in the fight for their lives. These naked men huddled together every night in the barracks to stay warm. There was camaraderie among all the prisoners because they knew what each other was going through. They were in it together. At one point Frankl acquired an illness yet he knew he was healthier than others. He still had the will to survive. Frankl aided to the typhus patients; he cared for the ones who stopped caring for themselves. When he was going to attempt to escape he had an encounter with one of his friends who was in the typhus ward. The friend knew what Frankl was attempting; and when Frankl stopped at his bed once again he rolled over and would not speak a word to him. Viktor Frankl decided not to escape that night. He knew if he left his fellow prison... ... middle of paper ... ...r families. b) Twenty-five years from now I will be forty-four! That is just crazy to think about. My mom was forty-four when Rebecca my youngest sibling was three. I hope when I am this age I can stay strong and keep God first. I want to still be the person to help others at work and in my community. I want to be a compassionate co-worker, employee and a friend to all. I will assume I will have children and they are in school by now. I want to pray, eat, and talk with my family together each day that I have with them. I want to build strong and healthy relationships with all my children. I hope me and my husband will always be remodels for our children and that our marriage will be focused on God. I want to be me most of all wiser, more compassionate, and more loving as I grow older. I want all that come into my life be touched by me and me touched by them.

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