Victimization Essay

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The word victimization means to single someone out for cruel or unwarranted treatment. Whether it is cases of the United States or overseas, there are always a form of victimization whether it is through word of the mouth or over the internet, someone somewhere is becoming a victim. Therefore, many can become a victim of chronic victimization, sometimes it can even be routine activities that can relate to these crimes that cause someone to be a victim, and there are some more crucial factors that also can be related to victimization. Most people predict chronic victimization because it can occur after a crime has already taken place, mostly because of the personal characteristics that make them a magnet for predators to make them another…show more content…
The only thing that someone could do is educating everyone they love dear about what could cause them to be a victim of victimization. For instance, if someone out there drinks until they black out, maybe it's time to cut back and make sure that they are safer when they go out, and could be able to call a taxi or drive themselves home. What if, it comes to someone that is in college, and the female would rather go party with their guy friend of three years and he drinks more than she does, this could lead to the guy sexually assaulting the female while she is not able to give consent. The only way to prevent someone from sexually assaulting another would be making someone the lookout and making sure that if something looks out of place, then it’s time to stop everything and get them out of there, so they don’t become a victim of victimization. When it comes to lifestyle, and the victim is a child growing up in a bad area of the city, the only thing someone can do is help make them understand that it’s not safe for that child to be raised in an area that has a high crime rate because in this case they will become the predator and not the victim. On the bright side, victimologists that study all the areas and theories in victimization have laid out the facts of what people need to look for, so they can’t become a victim of routine activities theory and even chronic victimization or lifestyle victimization. Together in the United States, there is a way to stop victimization, but that must be done as a country and not just as an individual. So with that being said, it can take one person to change another person, but it will take a country to stop a dozen or more

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