Victim Interview Analysis

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Assignment 6 Final Assignment - Victim Interview Evaluation Introduction Interviewing is something that we experience everyday. It is done at home when we speak to our family, it is done at work when we talk to coworkers, it is even done when we go to eat out and talk with the waitress. Interview is a controlled conversation that is done in order to gain information in order to obtain facts (Maze, 2017). In policing, interviewing is an important part of an investigation. When done correctly, it can lead an investigation to success. For this assignment, I will observe a video and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the interviewer during his interview with a victim. The video is an interview between an individual, who can be assumed to be a police officer, along with a victim. Strengths of the interviewer The interview was happening in an interview room that had two chairs with a table. There were no distractions or other people around (VIDEO CITATION). Controlling what can be controlled is important as it gives the interviewer the benefit of being in his safe, comfortable zone (Maze, 2017). In the video, the interviewer had control of the environment. As the interview began, the interviewer explained that the interviewee can at any point ask for a stoppage of the interview and if she wants, she can contact someone of her choice (VIDEO CITATION, 02:00). This is important as it gives relief to the subject as well as a sense of power in the interview, notably for the reason that the subject is an elderly and may feel threatened in an interview done by the police. The interviewer came to the interview prepared, as he knew what to say to the interviewee. He explained what is going to happen and what he wants from the intervie... ... middle of paper ... Suggestions In my opinion the interview overall was conducted in a professional manner. While the interviewer did not build rapport in the beginning as well as multiple times interrupted the interviewees speech, he made sure to show care for her. Asking her if she is fine to keep going, if she needs a break and even making a joke once to make her smile (VIDEO 15:00) are important factors that we can forget during the interview by cause of our strong will to obtain the information. I believe that retelling the event in the past tense was a very beneficial tactic to enhance recall of memory. It puts the victim in the scene anew and can bring something up that was not told before. For the future, I would suggest taking more time into rapport building. While the introduction was professional, it is still an interview with the police and it can be stressing to some.
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