Vicodin: A Prescription Medication That Should be Limited in Use

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An individual does not have to be a profound doctor to watch House, a show that focuses on a cranky old doctor named House who can diagnose any illness ever existed. In one of the episodes of House, House is waiting for Vicodin medication at the Pharmacy in order to suppress pain from his tissue-damaged leg. However, Vicodin can be highly addictive that could cause possible symptoms in the body. Vicodin is a type of prescription medication that blocks pain receptors in the brain making it an addictive drug among hospital patients.
Vicodin is prescribed by doctors to relieve pain in the body. For example, Vicodin contains two ingredients responsible for suppressing pain, which are hydrocodone and oxycodone. Both of these ingredients belong to a class of narcotic medications called opiates that makes Vicodin a central nervous system depressant (Hydrocodone: MedlinePlus Drug Information) . Vicodin is an effective painkiller that makes individuals highly addictive Vicodin is a depressant drug, which would slow down the brain processes in the body responsible for daily function. In addition, individuals who take Vicodin tend to feel a rush of euphoria and relaxation in the body. Individuals would feel nauseated, and have extreme drowsiness (Vicodin Oral : Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures, Warnings & Dosing). Consuming an excessive amount of Vicodin would cause the individual to have a tolerance for the drug, which could lead to long term liver damage (The Effects of Vicodin Use). When there is no more pain, individuals want to continue having this feeing, so they would be able to function. If the liver is damaged then the body would not be able to filter out the toxins in the body. Vicodin can relieve pain, but consuming too ...

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