Vices In North American Society And Culture

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Vices in North American Society and Culture Every day our world is slightly altered not by animals or by science, but by humans alone. People in our world today are responsible for our forever-changing societies simply because of our unnecessary, immoral behaviour. In particular, the North American society has become accustomed to vices as a result of the media, our piers and our own creative minds. As citizens practice vices it begins to negatively influence every action, phrase, and choice we make in our lives. Many vices are present in our world today however the three that are dominant are addiction, aggression, and greed. Almost all Canadians can say they know, or know of someone who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol in their lifetime.…show more content…
While this is good for the individual business, it is hurting our society because countless jobs are being taken from Canadians. Corporations are getting more for less but are compromising the quality of the product that they are later selling to all of North America. Always wanting more is not necessarily a bad thing, however when it affects an entire country then the issue clearly needs to be addressed. Realistically every human being has a small amount of greed deep down inside of them whether they admit it or not. If people do not learn to manage their wants and needs then eventually there will be nothing left for anyone on earth. There are various vices present in North American society and throughout the world and we encounter them every day when we interact with people. We have become so used to them that it is now the norm. Addiction, aggression, and greed are simple yet very serious vices present in modern day and they have been negatively impacting the North American society and culture for many years. As long as we all work together in the never-ending battle of the vices then we can ultimately omit all vices and restore the peace and happiness in

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