Veterans Day Observance Case Study

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Chapter One: Introduction
Statement of Problem
Choral teachers preparing for instruction have great ideas and plans to implement into their classrooms and ensembles; especially choral teachers who have taught for fewer than five years. New teachers have a wish list of songs they have always wanted to perform with a group of students and ideas they feel will improve the classroom dynamic. However, requirements may restrict what selections the choral teacher is able to choose when planning for concerts. Some factors that may affect the selection of teaching materials and concert pieces may include: demographics or total number of students in a select class, number of concerts required by the district, state standards for music education, schedule
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The state of Missouri also lists specific items and time frames.
“Veterans Day observance in schools.
170.049. The board of each school district shall require each school in such district to conduct educational programs and activities and devote a period of time at least equal to one class period leading up to an observance that conveys the meaning and significance of Veterans Day. Such observance shall take place on or as close as possible to Veterans Day. The board, in consultation with the administrators of each school in the district, shall determine the activities which will constitute the required observance” (Missouri Legislature).
Purpose of Study
The purpose of this project was to help students demonstrate growth in American war history and musicality while preparing performance repertoire from various war periods, identify the major wars of the United States with dates, and describe the origins of Veteran’s Day. The project addressed the South Carolina State Music Standard Five: “The student will examine and perform music from a variety of historical periods and cultures” (South Carolina Department of Education, 2010). The study was limited to periods in United States History that directly relate to a major war. A choral ensemble was created using sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students attending Blue Ridge Middle School who enrolled for the choral class in the
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Gathering Data: The researcher prepared a series of digital pre and post tests to measure the level of musical knowledge for each student enrolled in Chorus at Blue Ridge Middle School. The pre and post tests were administered through Google Forms and only music folder numbers were used as an identifier, as per the school district’s current policy. After the pretest had been administered, the researcher taught musical and historical content to all classes using the same method. A post test was administered to measure the musical and historical growth of each grade.
Data Delivery: Data findings were collected and delivered digitally through Google and Excel Spreadsheets. Charts and graphs were used to compare class sections and individual musical and historical growth.
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