Vet technician

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Since I was about 6 years old, I loved animals and I always wanted to take care of them. My parents said I have always wanted to become a vet. After awhile I decided that I didn't want to be a vet but a vet tech. I do not want to do the surgery on the animal and have to tell the family that the animal did not make it through. When I am older I want to become a vet tech because I love animals, I own many animals, and I would like to own more in the future, and I like spending time with all animals. Because of all these reasons, I think that a vet tech would be a good career for me. Vet technicians not to be confused with a vet technologists have to go through a 18-month program ("Vet tech institute"). Vet techs have to help the vet with things around the clinic such as helping hold the animal to keep them calm and help with exams ("Occupational outlook handbook "). They are more hands on with the animals. They administer anesthetics and help to assist the vet while they are performing surgery on an animal, and they also give medication to the animals ("Occupational outlook handbook "). I would like to move down south to go to school because I have always wanted to live south, and I think going down south for school would be the perfect opera unity to move down there. One school I have thought of going to is the vet tech institute in Huston Texas. This school has a 18 month vet tech program ("Vet tech institute"). They have school in a few different places but I would like to go to the one in Texas. I could not find any prices for the schools vet tech program. I will need a high school diploma to get into this school but to become a vet tech you need to to college to get a job in this profession. The work environment in this... ... middle of paper ... ... right. This job has about 74,600 jobs in the USA ("Occupational outlook handbook "). I like large animals best so I would like to work with a large animal vet because I don't want to work in an office. I would also love to move away down south because I hate the cold winters here and I would like work in warm weather all the time. I want to become a vet tech because I love animals, I own many and would like to own more in the future and being a vet tech would help me out because I could help dingoes what is wrong with them, and because I love just being around any animals. Works Cited "Veterinary Assistants and Laboratory Animal Caretakers." Occupational outlook handbook (2014): n.pag. Web. 26 Feb 2014 .ng "Ocupation." Veterinary Technicians (2014): n.pag. Web. 26 Feb 2014. "A career that loves you back ." Vet tech institute (2014): n.pag. Web. 26 Feb 2014.
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