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First, the research pointed out that Venezuela is a very diverse country with its landforms, climate and more! With the Andes Mountains, Angel Falls (largest waterfall in the world), parts of the Amazon Rainforest, Lake Maracaibo (Largest lake in South America), and Guiana Highlands. With over 10,000 rivers covers about one-third of the country. This shows that Venezuela is so different. Although Venezuela is a tropical area its local climates vary with altitude from humid and hot lowlands to cool highlands. With average temperature being around 73.9 degrees and rainfall being about 76.3 mm a year. This country is a very amazing place.
This is interesting because Venezuela has so many amazing landforms and records. Venezuela has so much

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that venezuela is a very diverse country with its landforms, climate, and more.
  • Opines that venezuela is an amazing place to go if you ever want to just sit down relax and watch its beauty.
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