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Have you ever been so hungry that you felt like you were going to faint and then you remembered that you didn’t have breakfast that morning? Then you go to the vending machine and get something to snack on to hold you over until lunch but, what if your school didn’t have a vending machine and your lunch was an hour away what would you do. That’s what this paper is here to help you with in deciding if you would want a vending machine inside of your schools. The reason why vending machines should be allowed into schools is because it would give the student a choice to choose from when picking their snacks it will give the student a healthy/ unhealthy snack, it will give the schools more money to spend for other things, and it will help the students with their own eating habits. It gives the schools more money because they will have revenue from the vending machines for Physical Education equipment like new nets for soccer, volleyball and basketball. Ir will also give them more money for balls and bats instead of using hand-me downs from the schools that already closed. It also will get new computer equipment and instead of having slow, broken computers the computers will be faster and better for the students and have better books for the library. It also will give the schools a better security system instead of only having 10 security cameras inside the whole school you can have security camera in every hallway and you can have better radio’s for the security guards so that if an emergency happens outside or inside of the school building there will be a faster response time from the security guards. The revenue will give more money to the teachers for school supplies such as ink for the copier, paper, and printer paper. Without... ... middle of paper ... ...d will go off to college and have their own apartment so the child should be able to make their own decisions. It would help the student with their own eating habits like if its pasta all week instead of a salad that would be there decision. It is Works Cited • http// • http// • http// • • http// • •

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